Are you as Healthy AS you want to be?

What we do

Choose one or more of the many ways we can help you regain health and wellbeing

Workshops for dinner or Lunch

One of our featured speakers will come to your group, business or organization and speak on various health and wellness topics including but not limited too stress management, injury prevention, proper exercise and movement patterns, weight loss and nutrition

company spa day

We organize a spa day for your group or organization. we will bring in vendors from our network to provide info and services pertaining to improved health and wellness. This may include healthy food vendors, nutritionists, massage therapists, along with other wellness based health professionals.

Health Screenings

We will come to your business, gym, or organization and provide functional wellness, health, or ergonomic screenings for your team or your customers as a value add to your business.

LivingWell online wellness program

Life without Limits is the moto we operate by. You should be able to experience the life you want to live. What are your health goals- immediate, short term and long term? Through this online program you can correct the course, recover your health, and discover the blueprint to reach all of your health goals.

What's really Going on?

The people and families in our community are living in a compromised state of health and well-being
"Our clear goal for every person and family in our community is...

Corrective Health was born out of the passion and purpose of Dr. Bagley to improve the health of the people and families within our community. Austin maybe one of the most health conscious communities in the U.S. , but that consciousness hasn't changed the statistics. The statistics show that the families in our community are living in a compromised state of health and well-being. CorrrectiveHealth exist to deliver a platform that supports natural healing of the body and mind. We have a clear goal for every person and family in our community, which is to transform the way you define what it means to be truly healthy and to empower them to reach all of their health goals- immediate, short term, and long term.

  • Healthcare expenditures

    The U.S. spends more than any other country

  • Prescription Meds

    The US consumes 45% of all prescription meds produced in the world

  • WHO ranking

    The US ranks near the bottom of the World Health Organizations ranking of healthcare 1-40.

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